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HomeKit Smart Plug 1 January Launch

Media Release:

Australian online retailer, HomeKit Australia will launch the country's fully certified Apple HomeKit smart power plug on 1 January 2021.

The HomeKit plug enables "dumb" devices like toasters, kettles, lamps and the like to be turned into "smart" devices. Apple's HomeKit technology enables the secured control of certified HomeKit devices from an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple Watch and via Siri voice assistant.

The smart power plug works equally well with Alexa, Google, Smart Things or IFTTT, so it covers all smart home platforms.

Both certified by Apple as a genuine HomeKit product and carrying RCM (formerly SAA) power certification, this HomeKit power plug is available from HomeKit Australia for $39.95.

With a smart power plug installed, families can turn appliances on or off from anywhere, at any time. Create on/off schedules or set auto-off timer routines that work automatically.

Check to see the status of connected devices from anywhere in the world. for absolute peace of mind. No more worrying if you left the kettle on ... if you did, use your smart phone to turn it off.

HomeKit Australia founder Keith Palmer said "Australia has lagged behind the USA and Europe in the release of certain HomeKit products".

"Finally Australians can check to see the status of their connected devices from anywhere for absolute peace of mind", he said.

"You might want to set your iron to turn off automatically when you leave the house or have the kettle boil at a certain time in the morning. Now you can using Apple's totally secure HomeKit technology", Palmer said.

Apple HomeKit technology includes "geofencing" so smart devices can perform certain functions when you leave or return to your home. Geofencing allows Apple HomeKit to set a virtual perimeter around the home or office, allowing ite variety of automations or actions to occur when passing in or out of the geofence.

The HomeKit Smart Plug works over 2.4GHz wifi and no special hub is required. Because you don't need a hub, there's no extra expense nor extra setup time.


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