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HomeKit Australia relocation

With our move underway, HomeKit Australia is presently operating from a temporary premises in Mosman Park.

This is prior to the full-time move alongside the Swan River near Midland. This move will take place in late January.

In the meantime we are operating with reduced stock levels. All Thunderbolt items are in stock but larger items from our Home Kit range will not be available until late January.

In 2022 you can expect to see an evolving range of Thunderbolt products as well as some new and neat MagSafe chargers.

Per the illustration above, Thunderbolt is especially important to professional photographers, graphic designers, music and video producers.

Expect to see Solid State Drives become more affordable, especially in the second half of the year.

Also coming next year is a new range of premium GaN chargers - our "Black series".

Even better news is that you can expect to see our current charger range undergo serious clearance specials, so be sure to check back to HomeKit Australia every Monday for our latest weekly special.