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HomeKit Australia relocating

We will be closed over the Christmas / New Year period whilst we relocate from Bunbury to Ascot nearer the airport.

You will still be able to order over this period but there will be a delay of a few days whilst we do the relocation. 

HomeKit Australia specialises in Thunderbolt products, Solid State Drives, MagSafe and various portable and AC chargers.

We sell only quality technology and smart home products, especially Thunderbolt, Solid State Drives, MagSafe and AC chargers .... and make these available at super competitive prices.

Our online store has grown out of the Infrastructure South West Group and both Infrastructure South West and HomeKit Australia are wholly Australian owned and operated.

The bonus is that all of our products are sourced and tested by us personally. We use every product ourselves, so when you ask our advice we provide genuine personal experience with all our products.

Unlike most stores, you simply won't find any product listed here that we have not personally used and approved prior to the product being listed on this online store.

Thanks for shopping at our online Thunderbolt store.

We search through hundreds of products to finally select the very best quality and technology at highly affordable pricing, so feel free to capitalise on our extensive research, testing and experience.