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Home Kit

Home Kit products include kitchen appliances and accessories such as our range of induction cooktops, bathroom vanity basins and toilet sets, plumbing and waterproofing, door furniture plus a range of Healthy Living products.

Our full size 900mm induction cooktops are just $599.95 and the rare off white induction cooktops are $655.95. Both are in stock and can ship today.

The new "home kit" have been added as products from the ISWG online store merge into HomeKit Australia.

The high profile of HomeKit Australia allows easier access for clients to this range of home products. It also allows for more cost-effective shipping.

These "home kit", like all HomeKit Australia products have been sourced directly from the factory and our prices reflect this saving.

Home kit is targeted primarily at Perth home renovators and Perth owner builders.

All products listed within our home kit category are in stock and can ship today.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.