GaN Chargers Operate Internationally

Whilst it's a little premature to consider travelling outside Australia, it is comforting to know that the entire range of HomeKit Australia GaN chargers have fully interchangeable international plug heads.

All HomeKit Australia GaN chargers ship with both Australian 240v and US (and Japan) 110v charging heads as standard.

Buy our international plug pack and receive both AC charger plug heads for both the UK (Singapore and others) and a two pin EU plug head.  The 2 pin EU plug heads are used in various countries around the world and not just throughout Europe. We recommend you download the free app Plug when it is time to travel.

You will see that the EU plug is used in a swathe of countries around the world - some just from the Plug app .... Afghanistan, Burma, Indonesia, East Timor, Israel and Mauritius just for starters.

Our premium HomeKit Australia GaN AC chargers all have auto-ranging 100-260v power supplies. Our Gan charger range starts with our 20w GaN charger, all the way through to our "the brute" 4 port 100w GaN charger.

In addition, all our GaN chargers use the same interchangeable power heads so you can use your charger not just in Australia but internationally - anywhere using US/Japan, EU, UK/Singapore power outlets. The best news is you can buy any HomeKit Australia GaN charger, select this internal plug pack and then buy another charger later knowing this international travel pack will fit your newest HomeKit Australia charger.

We think this is unique - when buying quality GaN AC chargers from HomeKit Australia, all chargers and separate charging heads are fully interchangeable, both now and in the future.

GaN Chargers Operate Internationally | HomeKit Australia

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