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GaN charger Australia

GaN chargers form part of the core of the HomeKit Australia online store.

We stock fast AC chargers from 10w through to 100w.

HomeKit Australia's 65w and 100w chargers are both GaN chargers .... Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers – smaller, faster, cooler, safer. AC chargers utilising GaN technology offer a small size, low heat and high efficiency.  

GaN or Gallium Nitride chargers are the latest technology chargers and are smaller than traditional AC chargers. They conduct higher voltages over time and more energy, more consistently, goes to the device you are charging.

They are more efficient at transferring current, and they lose less energy as heat, so they run cooler.

Our 20w dual charger upwards, are "smart" chargers.

These smart chargers communicate with their target device to be powered, ensuring that only a consistent requested power is delivered. For even greater device safety and performance, team our "smart" chargers with our "smart" USB-C and Thunderbolt cable range.

HomeKit Australia also offers a range of other charging technologies including those for Apple Watch, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, and in-car charging solutions.

"At HomeKit Australia, Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication."