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GaN charger

You need more power for your phone, device or computer?

It's a sad truth that more digital devices equals more power.

At HomeKit Australia we only sell Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers, simply because they are the best but be warned, they are not the cheapest.

HomeKit Australia stocks GaN chargers from 20w for iPad and iPhone through to 100w 4 port USB-C & USB chargers.

There's multiple vendors out there selling a myriad of older silicon-based chargers, chargers citing PD standards and even vendors masquerading their chargers as GaN. Also be careful of vendors citing x number of watts, this being the total combined output available from a 3 or 4 outlet charger. Not always is this same power deliverable from a single US-C outlet. All HomeKit Australia chargers can single output their advertised wattage.

GaN chargers deliver high efficiency and voltages. They have low on-state resistance and fast-switching as standard. Simply, this means that fast charging capabilities are easily enabled. GaN chargers deliver a high, consistent charge to your device, not the fluctuating power of older design chargers. A 65w GaN charger will charge faster than a 65w silicon charger.

The silicon, in the older designs that you see advertised cheaply, allows limited amount of thermal and electrical transfer and it produces heat. Gallium nitride (GaN) is used in a variety of modern technology and is the semiconductor material of choice for LEDs and high-end applications such as medical devices. It is easier for energy to pass through a GaN semiconductor and the GaN product sustains higher temperatures and higher voltages than silicon .... all whilst maintaining lower temperatures.

Gallium Nitride allows your devices to keep cool and not overheat. I think we've all picked up a hot charger - that charger would have been a silicon charger. Gan chargers ensure a fuller charge to your device. That's less wasted energy and more money saved on the power bill.

A multi-port GaN charger allows you to carry fewer chargers, and all your devices will charge faster and with greater efficiency.

You will carry less weight, need fewer chargers, plus save time and money. Right now we have a sale on our iPhone 12 charger.

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