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Free cable

There's a free triple head cable from HomeKit Australia with any order until Monday.

Simply purchase any stocked item, also add a triple head cable to your order, and enter the code FREECABLE at checkout.

There's a choice of USB to Lightning (iPhone), USB-C and micro USB with this triple head charging cable.

It is a great cable to have about and saves collecting hordes of different cables and connectors. It's really useful when there's Apple, Android, Kindle and cameras in the same household and especially when you are travelling.

Reduce your cable clutter, keep one of these cables in the travelling bag and another at home and you won't go hunting for the right cable again. This is one of the most useful charging accessories you can have, especially when you have the opportunity to travel.

The three head charging cable is also an ideal companion for our in-car charger. It lets you charge 3 different devices from the one cable, whilst leaving the high speed USB-C port on the car charger free for fast charging.

HomeKit Australia's three head charging cable allows you to charge all of your various devices ... one at a time or all together.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated .... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.