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Five Reasons to Buy a Wireless Charger

Phone charging cables are some of the most irritating purchases that we have to make. They have so many potential problems. The cables kink easily and stop working so often that new cables seem to be an almost monthly purchase. Charging cables also never come in the right length. They are always either too long or too short. Charging cables have always been a necessary evil for using a mobile phone. That is, until the development of reliable and easy-to-use certified wireless chargers.

How They Work

These wireless chargers are designed to charge compatible devices without the use of power cables. The wireless charging base charges the phone through electromagnetic induction. Compatible phones have a receiver coil that converts the incoming energy into electricity, which then charges the battery.

Wireless charging technology has come a long way in the last few years. So why should you buy an wireless charger? Here are five great reasons why you’ll never go back to cables again.

1) Safer

Not only are broken cables a huge hassle, but they can also be quite dangerous. Broken and malfunctioning cables have been responsible for ruining phones, and they can even cause electrical fires. wireless chargers are much less prone to breakage.

2) Universal

Wireless chargers can work with iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watches, Apple pencils, and any device that is compatible with the Qi charging standard. With an wireless charger, you will no longer need a variety of cables on hand.

3) Fewer Cables

Having fewer cables in your home, office, car, and desk is always a good thing. A wireless charger base will save you from tripping over the charging cables that you have all over your house. Some larger wireless chargers can handle many devices at the same time, so you won’t even need multiple wireless chargers plugged in at once.

4) Many Types Available

There are many configurations of wireless chargers available. Compact chargers are great for saving space while charging one device. Larger charging bases come equipped with stands and pedestals that are ready to conveniently store your devices while they charge. Some bases even include USB slots for additional connectivity. Wireless chargers are also available for use in vehicles.

5) Affordable

Wireless technology has improved over the last few years, and this has resulted in better wireless chargers at very competitive prices. You can find wireless charging options at a wide variety of price points, depending on your needs.

As wireless charging technology continues to gain momentum, more and more people will be relying on their wireless chargers at home, in the car, at the office, and on the go.

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