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Detangle hair brush

If you need the best hair brush you will ever own, there's no need to pay $50 or more.

We have an exact copy of the Abody detangle hair brush in stock, for just $15.

The detangle hair brush is available in black, red or white.

My wife originally wanted to try one of these brushes and found them to be the best brush ever.  Then all her FaceBook friends also wanted them, so that's how we started carrying these Abody detangle hair brush copies.

The quality is first class and you will be exceedingly happy with a purchase especially at $15.

We've now also introduced a 10 pack of mixed colours for under $100, so you can begin your own detangle hair brush sales.

Whilst these are designed as a detangle hair brush they are are also the perfect daily, regular hairbrush - for males or females.

The WA Cavoodle community has also discovered these brushes which are now a favourite for the gorgeous Poodle Cavalier cross.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.