Desktop Wireless Charger

At HomeKit Australia we use these desktop wireless chargers every day.

At home and in the offices they are dotted around various rooms.

You can continue to use your phone whilst it is on the upright wireless rest. There's no need to be constantly picking up your phone and replacing it on the charger.

When I'm in the office I'm working on an iMac and I place the desktop wireless charger alongside the iMac. If a notification comes through I see it immediately without leaving my main work task. If the notification requires attention, I just swipe and attend to the note.

All the while my iPhone 12 stays in situ, being charged on the desktop wireless charger.

Our desktop wireless chargers are white and will charge compatible devices up to 10w.  Remember iPhone only charge up to 7.5w on 10w Qi chargers and 5w on 5w chargers.

These desktop wireless chargers are in stock and can ship same day as you order.

Desktop Wireless Charger | HomeKit Australia

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