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Christmas goodies

HomeKit Australia has a number of Christmas goodies ready to ship today.

If you own or about to own an Apple Watch we have a portable charger for Apple Watch (and iPhone iPad, etc), an Apple Watch wall charger and an Apple Watch magnetic charging puck and cable.

These Apple Watch chargers start at just $17.95 and this includes free standard delivery.

One of our neatest new products is the Multi 26w Wireless Charger (pictured above) that will charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil (Gen 1), AirPods and more .... all at the same time. This is a great Christmas gift, in stock, ready to ship today for $39.95 with free standard delivery.

The 26w Multi Charger is ideal for the person who has everything, as "everything" will charge from it. I have one next to my bed which charges my Apple Watch, Pencil, AirPods, iPhone and iPad, as it also includes two USB power outlets.

If you've ever tripped over or vacuumed up a charging cable, you will love to receive a Magic Magnet Charging Cable. It rolls up into a neat cold with its attached magnets and can be extended to the length you require. No longer charging your device .... just let it roll back into it's neat and safe coil.  The Magic Magnet charging cable is $15.95, again including free standard shipping.

Don't forget, for new iPhone 12 owners we have a MagSafe car charger ($49.95inc delivery) or if Santa hasn't bought you an iPhone 12 (or even if he has) you can use our 10w Wireless Car Charger ($18.95 inc delivery). At the same time, why not pick up our 18w USB and USB-C car charger, it's in stock ready to ship at $16.95, again including free delivery.

One last gift idea is for the family with 2 iPhones. We have a dual 10w (that's each side) Wireless Charger that reduces cables and clutter.

If you are buying a Christmas gift, our advice is to consider paying a little extra for Express Post as at this time of year, Australia Post is severely overloaded. You can always click on the link to see all our HomeKit Australia products on the same page.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.