Cheapest SSD WD Green 480GB in Australia $69.95 | HomeKit Australia

Cheapest SSD WD Green 480GB in Australia $69.95

Right now you can buy the cheapest 480GB WD Green SSD. HomeKit Australia is running out the 480GB SSD for just $69.95.

The good news is these are original WD 480GB m.2 SSD. The bad news is there are only a few pieces remaining.

Using the huge performance boost from a WD Green m.2 SSD, you can go about your normal computing routine or simply start up in literally a flash.

SSD's are both lightweight and shock resistant, offering true Solid State reliability. In an SSD there's no moving parts, helping you keep your data safe from loss from bumps and drops.

Also, Solid State Drives consume less power, so there's extended battery or usage life. They are compatible with most desktop and laptop PC computers.

If you wish to install this in your PC, you can download WD's own software for additional features.

Remember, these SSD's are on runout, so don't miss out.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.