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Cheap SSD

Cheap Solid State Drives .... don't start us.

There are loads of cut-price Solid State Drives on the market and invariably they are exactly that - cheap.

They tend to be cut-price, inferior single chip SSD's that are often programmed to read as a higher capacity than they actually are, slow, unreliable .... and the list goes on.

Please don't buy a "cheapie"SSD as your purchase will end in disappointment. It might be that 1.5TB of data won't fit on your supposed 2TB SSD or that the drive fails after you start using it or that it is just abysmally slow.

Please, please .... if you are buying a new Solid State Drive ensure that you can verify that it is NVMe.

Non-Volatile Memory express is the only type of Solid State Drive worthy of your money.

At HomeKit Australia our cheapest external NVMe Solid State Drive is our 1TB NVMe SSD.

This 1TB external drive featuring NVMe m.2 SSD gives you fast external storage at a budget price. Plus there's 20% off all products this weekend only.

It won't provide the same sorts of speed as the premium Thunderbolt drives, this 1TB external SSD is an extremely affordable introduction into SSD external drives that actually offer impressive data transfer speeds.

Beware that cheap SSD cases typically offer quite slow data throughputs. Always look for NVMe and beware of cases stating SATA or NGFF, as they are significantly slower than NVMe.

These NVMe SSD cases offer 10Gbps data throughput and contain our own HomeKit Australia 1TB Solid State Drive.

These 1TB external NVMe Solid State Drives include a 225mm black USB-C to USB-C cable.

If you are on a tight budget and want to get a genuine Solid State Drive then the only alternative we would consider are SATA III 2.5" Solid State Drives.