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Cheap MagSafe charger stand

We've just launched the most affordable MagSafe charger stand about.

At just $9.95 this MagSafe charger stand can be bought with or without a MagSafe charging disk. So you can buy this as the collapsable stand only or with a MagSafe charger included with the stand.

The MagSafe stand is completely collapsable making this a truly flexible product that you can place at several angles.

Included is also a base notch that allows you to place an iPad or other tablet on this stand also. You can use older iPhones or Android phones to charge wirelessly from this stand.

The shipping box for this MagSafe charger stand weighs just 35g - it's even lighter out of the box.

Our new MagSafe charger ships as a stand only or as a complete charging solution that requires minimal assembly. You simply push the MagSafe charger inside the surround.

Thanks for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online MagSafe store.