30w iPhone charger nowPOWER bundle

Buying an AC charger and want to save money?

HomeKit Australia now bundles its 30w AC GaN charger with its nowPOWER PowerBank for just $34.95.

That's only $5 more than the 30w charger price of $29.95.

The 30w charger uses GaN power technology and is the ideal charger for your recent iPhone and iPad. All iPad Pro's and more recent iPads will take a 30w charge, so by using this 30w GaN charger, your downtime is reduced significantly.

All our GaN chargers are "smart" chargers so they talk directly to your device and even your cable like our premium MFI USB-C to Lightning cable - the ideal cable to purchase along with this charger.

Your phone, cable and charger communicate to deliver only the requisite power to your iPhone or Android phone.

Paying only $5 more for a nowPOWER PowerBank makes this bundle a real bargain.

30w iPhone charger nowPOWER bundle | HomeKit Australia

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