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Cavoodle hair brush

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.

Perth Cavoodle owners have been going mad for our detangle hair brush.

Cavoodle owners who have purchased a detangle hair brush for their gorgeous Cavalier Poodle crosses have shared their experiences with our hair brush and their pets online.

Now we are shipping more detangle hair brushes for dogs than humans.

All we can say to Cavoodle owners is thank you for your purchases and we hope you try the brush on yourself before handing it over for Cavoodle duties.

The detangle hair brushes are probably the best hair brush you will ever own.

These HomeKit Australia hair brushes are available in white, red and black.  They are in stock and can ship out today or you can collect in Bunbury.

The detangle hair brushes are available at HomeKit Australia.