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Bargain Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener is new to the IHomeKit Australia online store.

This quality, bargain-priced knife sharpener has ceramic blades for initial coarse grinding plus tungsten blades for a fine, sharpening grind.

The same combination of tungsten and ceramic you will find on the higher priced store models.

The HomeKit Australia knife sharpener is dead simple to use. Just place the sharpening unit on a flat surface, secure by pushing down the clamp and the suction pad on the base of the unit will fix the knife sharpener tight to the flat surface.  To remove the knife sharpener, simply lift the clamp upwards.

When the knife sharpener is fixed to the flat surface, you place your knife blade in the sharpener and pull the blade in the direction indicated on the top of the knife sharpener.

To sharpen your knife, all you need to do is apply a gentle pressure whilst sliding the knife handle towards you.

When you are sharpening your knife, you will hear the blade sliding over both the tungsten and ceramic sharpeners. Repeat 3 or 4 times and your knife will be nice and sharp.

But please take care. Always be extremely careful when using any knife sharpener and do not allow children to use this product. Always make sure to sharpen the knife in the direction indicated.

Clean the blades with a brush after use but do not clean in water or a dishwasher. The ISWG knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated knives.

The knife sharpener carton is 70 x 70 x 70mm and the sharpener has a diameter of 60mm and a height of 50mm when in use (65mm with the clamp extended upwards ready to store). The knife sharpener housing is made from ABS plastic.

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