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Bargain EarPods

Looking for affordable EarBuds?

HomeKit Australia now stock both wireless EarPods and noise cancelling EarBuds.

The wireless EarPods are just $19.95 whilst the active noise cancelling EarBuds are $49.95.

If you are looking for music EarPods at bargain price, Home Kit Australia has you covered.

The wireless EarPods charge by an iPhone Lightning cable (one is included). The noise cancelling EarBuds also come with a charging cable but like Apple's AirPods, these noise cancelling units also charge wirelessly.

The new noise cancelling EarBuds EarBuds, pair directly with your iPhone and access Siri voice commands in the same way as Apple's AirPods Pro. There's a deep bass and finger operation is the same as Apple's AirPods Pro.

Both the wireless EarPods and noise cancelling EarBuds are in stock and can ship today.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.