Apple products store closing | HomeKit Australia

Apple products store closing

Our online store for Apple third-part products closes on 30 June.

There are some MagSafe products for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 remaining plus a few other products now clearing from just ONE CENT.

The sole Thunderbolt product remaining is our brand new 1 metre braided Thunderbolt cable.

HomeKit Australia's latest Thunderbolt 4 cable is heavily shielded.

Additionally, it features a premium, smart e-marker and Intel Thunderbolt chip at each connector and a cable diameter of 6mm, with a weight of 62g.

All our Thunderbolt cables are produced under contract in a high-tech Apple MFI certified factory.

Our braided Thunderbolt cable is available in 1 metre lengths. Our 1.8m Thunderbolt cable is now sold out completely.

The Thunderbolt cable offers 20V 5A 100w charging and up to 40Gbps data transfer.