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Apple Pencil 2 alternative

At around one-quarter the price of the original Apple Pencil 2, these iPad Pencils are outstanding value.

Our iPad Pencil operates in the same way as Apple's Pencil 2 except this Pencil charges via USB-C rather than by induction from the iPad.

Our iPad Pencil still attaches magnetically to your iPad Pro or compatible iPad.

HomeKit Australia's iPad Pencil is not a generic stylus but one made specifically as an Apple Pencil 2 replacement.

It attaches magnetically to your compatible iPad and features palm rejection technology so as not to create unwanted elements within your iPad sketches.

I use this iPad Pencil with a  2021 iPad Pro. 

The iPad Pencil is compatible with the iPad Pro 2021 plus previous iPad Pro models 2018-2020, iPad Air Gen 3 2019, Gen 6 and 7 iPad 2018-2019 and the Gen 5 iPad Mini 2019.

In the box, there's a USB-C cable or you can use any USB-C through to Thunderbolt 4 cable to charge this iPad Pencil.

If you like, you can charge it from the iPad's own USB-C or Thunderbolt 4 port. You can expect around 20 hours of use between charges and around 3 months charge on standby.

To use our iPad Pencil, simply touch the top of the Pencil. The blue LED will light, indicating the iPad Pencil is active.

Conversely, if the blue LED is not lit, the iPad Pencil is off. It will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity or you can turn off the iPad Pencil simply by touching the top of the Pencil again.

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