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Apple MagSafe update

MagSafe .... were you like us and somewhat skeptical at launch?

Initially we didn't use our MagSafe chargers much at all. All that's changed and rarely is my iPhone 12 ever plugged into a cable.

We have MagSafe charging next to my iMac, next to my bed, in the living room and in the car. MagSafe allows you to easily use your iPhone 12 without it leaving the stand, so it's always charging.

I find that my phone is always fully charging as it so easy to put the phone on charge.

I'm about to experiment with converting my wife's iPhone X to MagSafe and will publish an update here as to its success or otherwise.

Remember that only Apple's MagSafe chargers will hit a full 15w output. Apple's encryption within MagSafe means that some third-part chargers may deliver only 7 to 10w power. HomeKit Australia Mag chargers consistently deliver just over 12w output.

HomeKit Australia stocks a MagSafe triple charger (I love this as it charges my iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple AirPods at a combined 26w plus it provides a high quality two stage night light. This is one of my favourite HomeKit Australia products.

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