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Apple MacBook charger

Apple MacBook user? Need a MacBook charger?

HomeKit Australia's premium 30w GaN charger is the perfect and affordable companion for your Apple MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Featuring GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology rather than the older and hotter silicon, this 30w GaN charger will safely and conveniently charge not only your Apple MacBook but also your Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.

Smart technology within this charger handshakes with the device being charged to ensure it is delivering exactly the power being requested by your MacBook or Apple device.

Cheap chargers just dump power down the line and older technology silicon chargers can get hot - very hot. Be extremely careful buying a charger simply because it is cheap. The consequences could be expensive.

Best of all, power delivery fully conforms to the PD 3.0 standard at 9V 2.22A, the specifications you require to fully utilise Apple's MagSafe 15w charging technology.

The perfect iPad charger or iPhone 12 charger, this is a USB-C charger, so with a USB-C PD outlet so you will require a USB-C to Lightning (iPhone) cable or the super-premium USB-C to USB-C (iPad Pro/MacBook) 5A 100w rated cable. Our HomeKit Australia cables feature "smart chips at both connectors that further handshake with your device and this charger. It's a double verification that only the exact watts are being delivered to your Apple MacBook, Apple iPad or Apple iPhone.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers – smaller, faster, cooler, safer.

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