Apple HomeKit secure video camera for Australia | HomeKit Australia

Apple HomeKit secure video camera for Australia

HomeKit Australia, together with its developer partner Onvis, have announced the pending arrival in Australia of the highly anticipated Onvis HomeKit Video Doorbell.

Designed and certified for use in Australia, the Onvis Video Doorbell requires no wiring, no hub and is 100% fully Apple HomeKit compatible.

Like all good Apple HomeKit products, the Onvis HomeKit Video Doorbell can be added to Apple's Home app in an instant and is fully operational in seconds.

HomeKit Australia's Keith Palmer said he expects the HomeKit video doorbell to be available in Australia in early 2021.

"Presently the HomeKit video doorbell is undergoing final testing, so we're hoping to see the first product very soon", said Palmer.

Palmer predicted that the HomeKit Video Doorbell will be in massive demand, especially as HomeKit Australia will debut the HomeKit product at a "sensational" $215.95.

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