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Apple AirTags covers new style

AirTags been delivered? Ours were delivered last Thursday.

What we found is that the AirTags covers with carabiner didn't suit a lot of applications.

So we have sourced another 1200 AirTags covers in multi-colours in the strap style pictured here.

This allows greater flexibility in where you place your Apple AirPads.

What we found was the carabiner opening was too small to place the Apple AirTags around items like handbag straps and other straps or handles.

We decided immediately to change our next order to predominantly to the style pictured so that users can securely tie their Apple AirPads to a much wider variety of items.

They will be available in a wide variety of colours. So far the orange and black AirPads have been our most popular AirTags cover.

We will also be stocking genuine leather AirPads covers. 

Both AirPads styles will be available in late May.

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