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Apple AirTags leather strap

Purchase a Hermes leather AirTags cover and you will pay big bucks.

Of equivalent first-rate quality is our HomeKit Australia leather AirTags cover, with a price of just $14.95.

Available in tan, orange and black, these leather AirTags covers are available in two styles - the pictured strap AirTags cover and also a buckle design.

All styles and colours perfectly fit your Apple AirTags.

The two styles allow you choice in attaching these leather AirTags covers to an array of items.

We love the premium look for handbags or leather satchels and cases.

Whilst we stock a number of AirTags covers, these are the premium covers for your new Apple AirTags. The quality of leather and construction matches it with the other "very expensive" brands.

These premium HomeKit Australia leather covers for Apple AirTags are available now. They form part of our On-the-Go Solutions collection.

These are a bargain at only $14.95.

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