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Apple AirTags covers ONE CENT

We have Apple AirTags covers from just ONE CENT this week.

Also reduced are genuine leather Apple AirTags covers as well as our magnetic AirTags covers.

The magnetic AirTags covers are ideal to keep track of your own vehicle or other items where you'd like to place your Apple AirTags tracker in an unobtrusive place.

The magnetic AirTags tracker has a TPU outer shell, designed to provide impact resistance to your Apple AirTag.

One side of the cover is magnetic and the other has an adhesive. Essentially you can attach one of these AirTags covers anywhere.

The leather AirTags covers are made of genuine (not PU) leather.

These high quality leather covers give your Apple AirTags a more premium look, and these leather AirTag covers are available as straps - tan, black and orange - and in buckle style in both tan and black.

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