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Apple AirTags covers from $1.95

There are thousands of Apple AirTags covers in stock at HomeKit Australia.

We would love to move more of these AirTags covers so we've made our highest stock items, below our landed cost at just $1.95.

You can buy Orange or Black AirTags covers with the Spanish Knot design or carabiner AirTags covers at this $1.95 price.

The colourful new strap style or "Spanish Knot" AirTags covers are designed specifically for Apple's AirTags. They are made from an eco-friendly soft silicone material. These high quality silicone skins make your Apple AirTags both bright and colourful - and easily recognisable.

Available in an array of bright colours, these new strap style AirTags covers perfectly fit your Apple Airtags.

The carabiner AirTags covers lack the flexibility afforded by the strap style Apple AirTags covers. The carabiner opening only allows placement around thin objects. To attach your Apple AirTags to handles and straps, such as handbag straps, you will need the strap style Spanish knot AirTags cover.

You can use these colourful Spanish knot AirTags covers with or without the Spanish knot strap.

These AirTags covers ship with both a small attachment ring and a 16cm Spanish knot strap. With my car keys, I've not used the silicon strap and attached to my other keys simply with the tradition ring key attachment.

HomeKit Australia carries 3 different styles of covers for your new Apple AirTags - silicon with carabiner cover, silicon strap style and a premium leather AirTags cover

HomeKit Australia's AirTags covers do not include an Apple AirTag.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.