AirTags covers high demand | HomeKit Australia

AirTags covers high demand

AirTags covers are flying off the HomeKit Australia shelves.

At $5.95 we can understand why.

Black and luminous green AirTags covers are already sold out and there's just a handful of each of the other colours remaining in stock.

AirTags covers still in stock are pink, white, red, blue, light blue, yellow and HomeKit Australia orange.

These protective covers for Apple AirTags are designed specifically for Apple's AirTags.They are an eco-friendly soft silicone in all the bright colours mentioned.

These HomeKit Australia's AirTag covers come with a carabiner so you can attach your AirTags to an array of items of your choice.

With Apple AirTags first orders now being delivered in Australia we expect continued and rising demand.

To meet this demand for AirTags covers we've ordered another 1000 pieces of AirTags strap style covers and expect these into stock in the second half of May. At the same time we will debut HomeKit Australia's premium AirTags leather covers.

In the meantime, there are very limited stock of AirTags covers ready to ship, so get in an order yours now.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.