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AirTags cover

AirTags covers are available from HomeKit Australia in multiple styles, materials and colours.

Our premium AirTags cover is made from premium leather and you may not be able to distinguish it from Apple's $450 leather AirTags covers.

The leather AirTags covers are available in orange, black and tan. The leather AirTags covers are available in both strap and buckle styles.

The accompanying photo features a black leather buckle AirTags cover.

This weekend HomeKit Australia is running a 9.99% off Black Friday Sale. That means leather AirTags covers will be available for $13.46 or around 3% of the Apple price.

Other AirTags are available from $1.95 each - $1.76 this weekend.

HomeKit Australia sells strap styled Spanish knot AirTags covers in a swathe of bold colours.

There's carabiner AirTags covers plus we've now added magnetic AirTags covers.

The first magnetic AirTags cover went inside my own car - now I always know where it is located. When eventually travel again I won't lose my car at Perth Airport.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.