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AirTags colourful covers

Apple AirTags covers will be in stock at HomeKit Australia late next week.

AirTags covers are available in pink, white, red, blue, light blue, yellow, orange and black.

HomeKit Australia's AirTag covers come with a carabiner included, so you can attach your AirTags to an array of items of your choice.

These colourful protective covers for Apple AirTags are designed specifically for Apple AirTags. With precise openings, these covers perfectly fit your Apple Airtags.

Manufactured in an eco-friendly soft silicone material, the high quality silicone skins make your Apple AirTags both bright and colourful

HomeKit Australia's AirTag covers will be in stock and ready to ship next week.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.