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AC chargers Australia

Our credo is -

"At HomeKit Australia, Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication."

This is so very true of our range of AC chargers from 10w through to 100w.

Our latest 30w, 65w and 100w chargers are all GaN (Gallium Nitride) chargers. AC chargers utilising GaN technology offer a small size, low heat and high efficiency.  

GaN chargers use the latest technology and are smaller than the traditional AC chargers. GaN chargers conduct higher voltages over time with more energy, more consistently, going to the device that you might be charging.

GaN chargers are more efficient at transferring current, and they lose less energy as heat, so they run cooler.

Our 20w dual charger through to 100w charger are "smart" chargers.

The chargers communicate with their target device and make sure that only a consistent requested power is delivered.

We have also introduced cheaper chargers to celebrate the launch of the iPhone 13 and to support users with older phones who need a quality, budget charger with Australian power and safety certification.

Thanks for shopping HomeKit Australia.