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AC charger pricing 2022

The chip shortage has caused price increases in electronics around the world during 2021.

HomeKit Australia has been able to largely insulate its clients from these price increases over the past year. This has been especially true in regard to AC charger products.

Large stock purchases at the start of 2021 has meant we have simply been able to draw down on existing stocks throughout the year. Only rarely have we needed to go back to our suppliers for top-up stock.

We have been for several months working on a new range of premium AC chargers to introduce sometime in 2022.

Headed into 2022 there is still quite a shortage of chips and components at our charger factory. The GaN chip in an AC charger presently accounts for around 6-8% of the price of the AC charger.

The chip prices are likely to remain high for the early part of 2022 with hopefully some easing of prices thereafter.

PD charger demand is increasing around the world, further compounding the present price pressures.
By mid year we should see some easing in the price of GaN chips and other charger components.
During this time you will see HomeKit Australia release some highly innovative AC charger products. All will have RCM Australian certification and will be a result of improved factory efficiencies.
Stay tuned to the HomeKit Australia News Blog for the latest news on new AC charger products.