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65w chargers

We have two styles of 65w AC chargers available.

There's now only a handful of 3 port 65w chargers left in stock for $27.55. Our latest 65w charger is a compact 2 port 65w charger.

Both 65w chargers are built on GaN (Gallium Nitride) chip technology rather than the older silicon chips.

GaN chargers keep cooler and supply a more consistent charge. Both 65w chargers are "smart" chargers that will only ever supply the power being requested by your device. Neither 65w charger will ever overcharge your device.

These 65w chargers are an ideal AC charger as they can quickly power your laptop plus at the same time power your various devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

All HomeKit Australia chargers are fully RCM (SAA) Australian certified. We don't sell inferior (and dangerous) cheapie chargers.

We stock AC chargers from 10w through to our powerhouse 100w charger.

Thanks for shopping HomeKit Australia.