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65w charger debut

Our latest dual port Gan 65w charger weighs just a tiny 121g and launches at $29.95.

There's only 50 pieces of this white 65w GaN charger, so don't miss out.

Our new 65w charger uses tthe latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) black charging technology and is the ideal fast charger for MacBooks, iPads and iPhones plus PC laptops and Android devices.

The 65w dual outlet AC charger has both a high speed USB-C outlet plus a traditional USB-A port. Power is auto ranging across 100 to 240v, so this is the ideal travel charger, charging 2 devices at the same time.

Our GaN chargers are physically smaller than traditional AC chargers - that's because Gallium Nitride chargers don’t require as many components as the older (and cheaper but less efficient) silicon chargers .... and we've shrunk this latest charger even more .... and .... this new 65w charger weighs just 121g.

HomeKit Australia's range of GaN chargers also conduct higher voltages over time than older silicon chargers.

These 65w chargers are fully RCM (SAA) Australian certified.