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500GB SSD drive

Right now you can buy the cheapest 500GB NVMe SSD drive in Australia. HomeKit Australia has launched a 500GB NVMe SSD drive for $129.95.

545MB/second data transfer speeds with our new 500GB external NVMe m.2 SSD drive.

We use genuine Crucial 500GB NVMe SSD's in these drives.

Using the huge performance boost from this SSD drive, you can go about your normal computing routine or simply start up in literally a flash.

SSD's are both lightweight and shock resistant, offering true Solid State reliability. In an SSD there's no moving parts, helping you keep your data safe from loss from bumps and drops.

Also, Solid State Drives consume less power, so there's extended battery or usage life. They are compatible with most desktop and laptop PC computers.

Utilising solid state storage, our 500GB SSD drive is both lightweight and shock resistant. This external SSD has no moving parts and helps to keep your data safe from loss in the case of accidental bumps and drops.

Measuring just 102mm x 28mm x 12mm, this NVMe external SSD drive weighs just 50 grams. It will easily fit in your pocket our purse.

The 500GB NVMe SSD drive features smooth edges and there's good heat dissipation. We use a high quality PCB board, with a standard m.2 interface and a VIA chipset.

At HomeKit Australia, we've replaced all our 2.5" hybrid SSD/hard drives with these external SSD drives.  

This SSD drive ships with two 20cm USB-C cables so. For extreme performance we suggest picking up one of our rated 100w USB-C cables at the same time.

Thunderbolt PCIe NVMe drives are the fastest external drive available.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated .... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.