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iPhone charger 30w

Have an iPhone 12 and need the fastest charging you can get?

We are running out our 30w USB-C charger and it is the ideal charger for not just your iPhone but other devices like iPads Pro that can be charged at up to 30w.

HomeKit Australia's 30w iPhone iPad charger is just $19.95 while stocks last.

Modern iPhones like the iPhone 12 will accept a 20w charge input. With a smart charger like our 30w GaN charger combined with smart MFI USB-C to Lightning cables, your iPhone is totally protected against overcharge as the iPhone or iPad communicates via the smart cable with our smart charger to always deliver the perfect power input requested by your iPhone or iPad.

We don't risk cheap chargers, especially like the old silicon chargers that can get extremely hot. We DO recommend that you do as we do and use an Australian RCM (SAA) certified high-quality, smart GaN charger.

If you buy this GaN 30w iPhone charger, you will also be offered a selection of our premium cables at 50% off.  That way you have the very best charging solution available.

There's oodles more to read on our news site about iPhone 12 and iPad charging and especially on Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers, so feel to poke around HomeKit Australia.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers – smaller, faster, cooler, safer.

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