30w charger $9.95 | HomeKit Australia

30w charger $9.95

We are clearing out 30w chargers for just $9.95.

Our aim is to run down our warehouse stocks prior to our relocation in under 2 weeks.

This 30w smart charger is ideal for powering your iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

Our 30w AC charger has a 100-240v auto-ranging power supply and comes standard with AU and US power connectors. You can also add interchangeable UK & EU power heads for full travel flexibility.

The new iPhone 13 will accept power up to 25w so this 30w charger at just $9.95 is perfect for your iPhone 13.

HomeKit Australia AC chargers ONLY deliver the maximum power being requested by your device - hence the term .... smart charger.

If you looking to use this 30w charger with your new iPhone 13, you will require a USB-C to Lightning (iPhone) cable or the super-premium USB-C to USB-C (iPad Pro/MacBook) 5A 100w rated cable.

Best of all, power delivery fully conforms to the PD 3.0 standard at 9V 2.22A, the specifications you require to fully utilise Apple's MagSafe 15w charging technology.