2TB Thunderbolt SSD

Typically 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives cost over $1000 and sometimes more than $2000.

HomeKit Australia has launched a 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drive for under $500.

Just as its predecessor Zytech broke open pricing for Australian hard drives in the late1980's, HomeKit Australia has now slashed Australian pricing for Thunderbolt SSD drives.

Having searched the world for the highest performing Thunderbolt 4 case, HomeKit Australia have teamed Seagate Barracuda PCIe NVMe SSD's to produce quality Thunderbolt SSD drives at unbeatable prices.

Just as Zytech accessed Seagate's highest performing hard drives in the 180's and 1990's, HomeKit Australia will shortly team Seagate's FireCuda range of SSD's with their Thunderbolt 4 cases.

FireCuda is Seagate's ultra performance range of storage devices and their SSD's are no exception.

In the meantime, HomeKit Australia has 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drives in stock and shipping now.

The Thunderbolt SSD range includes 1TB Thunderbolt SSD drives and Thunderbolt SSD drive cases.

All HomeKit Australia Thunderbolt 4 data storage has a true data transfer of 40Gbps.

2TB Thunderbolt SSD | HomeKit Australia

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