2TB SSD drives $149.95

2TB SSD external drives are now in stock and shipping from HomeKit Australia.

2TB is 2000GB so these are ideal external drives for backups, photos and archiving data. The best part is that these SSD drives are priced at just $149.95.

HomeKit Australia's 2TB SSD drives connect via USB-C and both a USB-C to USB-C and a USB to USB-C cable are included.

We will be introducing Thunderbolt 40Gbps external SSD drives next month and these premium SSD drives will also be at a premium price. This 2TB SSD external drive is our entry level SSD price minus the lightning data transfer but at an affordable price.

These 2TB SSD external drive are ideal for data backup, transferring files, storing music, files, images and videos. The silver SSD drive is USB 3.1, so typical data transfer speeds will be around 5Gbps.

It is ultra-thin 9mm and made of aluminium alloy. This aluminium casing dissipates any heat from the SSD inside. HomeKit Australia's 2TB SSD drive measures only 100 x 30mm.

This external drive requires no power and is a genuine 2TB SSD drive ... that's 2000GB .... the highest capacity SSD currently available.

2TB external SSD drives are shipping today.

2TB SSD drives $149.95 | HomeKit Australia

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