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25w Mag multi charger

We are now down to the last few of our super popular MagSafe phone, watch and AirPod chargers.

These 25w MagSafe chargers are available in black and white.

This MagSafe multi charger for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, magnetic charge for Apple Watch and wireless charger for AirPods or Bluetooth headsets.

Our 25w triple charger has its own patent and can be found on various other websites for around $220 and more.

Simply place your iPhone on the MagSafe charger. You can rotate your iPhone 12 on the charger to view and operate in both portrait and landscape mode.

An Apple Watch charger sits opposite the Magnetic charging stand.

Plus, there's a 10w USB out port at the rear of the charger, so you can actually charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

This outlet is normally to power the Apple Watch charger, but it can be easily unplugged if you need to power another USB device. The charger base is also a Qi wireless charger, so you can charge your AirPods or even another iPhone or Android wireless charge phone.  

Plus you can turn the night light on or off with a simple tap on the touch sensitive switch at the front of the charger base (which has anti-skid silicon pads around its underside). The LED has a 2 step light function and it can also indicate charging or standby modes.

Available in both black and white, power is via a USB-C connector with a quality USB-C cable included.