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20w charger $7.48

You can buy dual port 20w chargers right now for $7.48.

Simply add code 20W50 at checkout and your AC charger will receive a 50% discount off their price.

The chargers have both a USB-C and USB port.

These are the last off these chargers we will have in stock, so don't miss out on this special one-off opportunity.

These 20w chargers are dual USB and USB-C charger for iPhone and Android - a quality 20w PD charger with Australian RCM (SAA) certification.

This 20w PD charger has an auto-ranging power supply 110-240v, so you can use this charger overseas with a generic travel plug. 

As it is fully certified for use in Australia, this budget-priced charger has loads of protection features you just won't find on non-certified chargers.

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