2000th order is FREE | HomeKit Australia

2000th order is FREE

We are fast approaching our 2000th order.

Hopefully we can achieve this prior to the online store closure on 30 June.

If someone does place our 2000th order we will 100% refund their total order including FREE delivery,Β up to a total value of $100.

Whilst 2000 orders sounds a lot, it's only just over 2 orders per day and many of of our orders were for free productΒ or below cost offers.

We are closing as HomeKit Australia staff have worked completely free of charge for 2 years and we are yet to return a profit in any month of operation.

Unfortunately our discount model of buying quality products direct from the factory door and passing on the savings has not proved popular.

We've now tried for 2 years to break even but have now simply given up.

Right up until 30 June we are heavily discounting all our products and each and every day, more and more products are completely sold out.

There's very little Thunderbolt product now remaining including just one 2TB Thunderbolt Solid State Drive.

If you want to grab a bargain, you had better do it now.

Thanks for shopping HomeKit Australia.