2.5" SSD | HomeKit Australia

2.5" SSD

As part of its new range of SSD products, HomeKit Australia will be launching SATA III SSD's.

Our 2.5" SSD's will be suitable to replace any SATA computer internal drive or external drive

With a 3 year warranty, our 2.5" SSD's will be based around Quad Level Cell SSD technology. You can Understand SSD technology and terms by reading our News Blog.

The 2.5" SSD range will include an external 2TB SSD in a clear external enclosure.

The launch price for the external 2.5" SSD will be just $269.95.

In HomeKit Australia orange our 2TB SATA III SSD's will be instantly recognisable and at a launch price of $269.95 will be sure to be popular.

2TB 2.5" SSD's will begin shipping on 1 October. Pre-orders will open for both the 2TB SSD's and 2TB external SSD's later this week.

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