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2.5" Solid State Drive

Today we have our 250GB SATA III external Solid State Drives for just $89.95 plus a further 20% discount.

That's just $71.96 - only until Sunday night.

In a week we are relocating and we have last-minute deals to clear our present warehouse and reduce our moving costs.

This 250GB SSD combines high performance with low power consumption.

The 250GB external SATA Solid State Drive is a perfect storage device for laptops and desktop computers as well as external storage devices.

It guards against shock and vibration and has a highly advanced flash memory management algorithm to provide outstanding performance, high reliability and a long service life.

HomeKit Australia's 250GB Solid State Drive has no moving parts to help protect against data loss, should the SSD be accidentally knocked or dropped. With an excess of 2 million hours MTTF (mean time to failure), error correction technologies.

If you would like to know more or better understand Solid State Drives and their associated terminologies we've produced an SSD Primer which you can download.