150w charger - NEW

Advance notice of our new upcoming 150w charger.

The new 150w AC wall charger uses GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology to power 3 separate USB-C or Thunderbolt ports plus a standard USB port. 

The big difference is there's a wireless charger port for your phone atop the GaN charger.

We think this new charger is unique in Australia.

The 3 USB-C ports offer 110w and there's another 30w available on the standard USB port, again a first for Australia. The Wireless output is a standard 10w Qi charger that supports most modern phones including the iPhone X onwards.

The USB-C ports support PD (power Delivery) 3.0 as well as PPS. The traditional USB port supports both QC and SCP.

HomeKit Australia's new 150w charger will be available in the second half;f of June 2021. The 150w charger is available in both black and white.

This adds to our 100w charger Australia.

150w charger - NEW | HomeKit Australia

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