14GB per second SSD speeds | HomeKit Australia

14GB per second SSD speeds

Premium SSD speeds have hit a new limit with the announcement by Kioxia of their latest PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSD.

The announcement of 14GB per second super-fast NVMe SSD's comes at the same time that HomeKit Australia is expecting early arrival of its own NVMe SSD's.

1TB and 2TB SSD's will begin shipping from HomeKit Australia this week.

Kioxia is the former arm of Toshiba researching and building multiple premium SSD products.

The Japan-based Kioxia is preparing the new super-fast SSD to operate on the currently unavailable PCIe Gen 5.0 bus.

At the moment, we only have PCIe Gen 4.0, but upcoming CPU's from Intel and others will support PCIe 5.0.

Premium memory products from Kioxia are targeted at the enterprise market. The NVMe SSD's are likely to begin shipping at the end of this year.

At launch, the NVMe SSD's will be available in capacities 2TB to 8TB but Kioia has already announced capacities up to 15TB for release next year.

The good news for consumers is that these technologies have a trickle down effect, so we can expect to see consumer level SSD's continue to develop next year. Presently the fastest - and most expensive - consumer level NVMe SSD's max out at around 7GB per second.

HomeKit Australia NVMe SSD's are available for order now and are shipping this week.

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