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10w x2 Wireless Charger

You can now charge 2 devices, both at 10w, at the same time with our dual 10w Qi Wireless Charger.

You can charge your iPhones or AirPods on this double charger, both at the same .... both at maximum output. This is a great way to charge for multi-phone families.

The 10w Qi charger is easy to use and it is totally portable.

Better: You can charge 2 phones at the same time - both at the full 10w output.

Best: Now reduced to just $25.95.

These wireless chargers are "must-haves" in our own home and this dual Qi charger includes a USB power cable.

If you are looking for a cheaper but still quality alternative do take a peek at our single 10w wireless charging pad.

Do remember that Apple iPhones can only charge at 7.5w.

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