100w chargers almost gone | HomeKit Australia

100w chargers almost gone

We are now down to a handful of 100w chargers left in stock.

One of our original HomeKit Australia products 2 years ago, this 100w charger has remained a consistent best seller throughout.

With Gallium Nitride (GaN) circuitry and full RCM (SAA) certification, this charger with 4 ports has remained one of our favourite products that we sell.

The 100w charger can charge up to 4 devices at once for a combined charge of 100w OR can charge a single device at a consistent 96w.

Most chargers only provide a combined 100w of charging power but if you need full power for one device, our charger is a bargain purchase.

At $79.95 our 100w GaN charger includes FREE Express Post delivery and typically we ship same day as you order.

The 100w charger has two USB-C and two standard USB ports plus ships with both AU and US plug heads.

Thanks for supporting Australian business.