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100w charger

Our workhorse GaN 100w charger is on final runout.

Only one dozen 100w chargers remain in stock.

This 100w charger is one of our original products and has remained a consistent best seller throughout.

With 4x ports - 2x USB-C and 2 x USB - this 100w charger is a powerhouse charger.

It will charge at 96w from the top USB-C port, making it perfectly suited for powering Thunderbolt devices.

Additionally, this charger is a genuine Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger delivering more consistent, cooler and safer charging of your devices.

It is a "smart" charger so paired with our 1m Thunderbolt cable, will only ever deliver the device requested power. It will never overcharge or oversupply power to your devices or laptops.

Being able to charge 4 devices at once, this 100w charger is the ideal travel companion. We use ours with the standard USA and optional UK and EU power heads.

HomeKit Australia's 100w charger ships to you by free Express Post.

Remember only twelve 100w chargers remain at $79.95.